Broccoli, kale and tofu with sesame sauce

This light lunch is ready in an instant and is gluten-free as well as milk-free, making it suitable for vegans as well. Steaming best preserves the trace elements of broccoli and kale and softens the spicy smoky tofu so that it melts in the mouth.


Salmon cocottes, oeufs en cocotte

Oeufs en cocotte is a French breakfast classic traditionally made in the oven. Steaming is a twice as fast way to make cocottes, resulting in a fluffy and juicy egg dish.


Asparagus, leek and egg vinaigrette

Asparagus is one of the first vegetables of the new harvest season and the best way to cook it is tender but quick steaming. Egg vinaigrette seals the union of soft leek and asparagus in a whole new way.



Traditionally, blinis are served with sour cream, roe, finely chopped onions and pickles – but you can also use your imagination with the fillings!

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Raspberry tiger cake

The fluffiest little cakes in the world: thanks to the steam and the film, the cakes stay juicy and moist.


Asian meatballs

Did you know that meatballs can also be steamed? Steaming preserves the juiciness of the meatballs and no extra fat is needed for cooking. These steamed meatballs with teriyaki sauce can be served as a meal with rice or as a finger food snack on a buffet table.


Creamy coconut-salmon soup

This soup with Thai flavours and soft salmon is irresistible. When cooking by simmering, the salmon pieces cook perfectly and do not fall apart in the broth.


Orange and carrot in ginger marinade

Steaming brings out the best features of carrots: the flavour stays fresh and sweet, the traces remain in the carrot and do not dissolve in boiling water and the cooking is quick. This marinated carrot salad is a charming side dish suitable for both grilled foods and the lunch table.


Cooking crayfish

Crayfish parties are celebrated in late summer and early autumn. Cooked crayfish are often served with chopped dill, toast and butter.